Computing Resources

Curtin University Exploration Geophysics has a local UNIX and PC computer network.

Linux Clusters

We have one Redhat Linux HPC (Cluster) running on Cisco Blade hardware. This forms the backbone of our computational resources.

The combined processing capacity of this system is 16 nodes, 368 CPUs, 4.8 TB of grid memory and over 90TB of online storage. These resources are frequently being upgraded with better performance hardware and higher capacity storage.

Microsoft Windows Workstations

We also have a range of local Servers with 140TB of active and archive local online Storage. Our local desktop computers include a number of high-end workstations used for data processing and modelling applications.

Available Software

The following software resources are available throughout our area for use on Curtin and CRGC research projects.

  • Claritas (Globe Claritas)
  • FeFlow (DHI)
  • Fugro Jason Software Suite (CGG)
  • Gedco 3D Vista and Omni (Western Geco, Schlumberger)
  • Geolog (Paradigm)
  • Geomodeller (Intrepid Geophysics)
  • GMG Mesa Expert (ION Geophysical)
  • GoCAD (Paradigm/Emerson)
  • GoCAD Mira Mining Suite (MIRA Geoscience)
  • Hampson-Russell Software Suite (CGG)
  • Kingdom Software (HIS Markit)
  • Landmark Graphics Corporation Software (Landmark Solutions,
  • alliburton)
  • Madagascar (GNU Project)
  • Maple (Maplesoft)
  • Matlab (Mathworks)
  • OpendTect (dGB Earth Sciences)
  • Petrosys Interpretation Software (Petrosys)
  • Radex Pro (DECO Geophysical Software)
  • Seismic UNIX (Colorado School of Mines)
  • Petrel (Schlumberger)
  • Tesseral (Tesseral Technologies)
  • WellCAD (ALT)

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