Our People

Research Staff
  • Prof Boris Gurevich, Director CRGC, John Curtin Distinguished Professor, Director, Centre for Exploration Geophysics
Professional Staff
Consultant Staff
  • David Johnston, Adjunct Professor
PhD Research Students
  • Pouya Ahmadi | Project: Feasibility of multicomponent seismic for mineral exploration.
  • Zubair Ahmed | Project: Rock characterisation using physical methods on powders.
  • Maryam Bahri | Project: Imaging subsurface geology using passive seismic data.
  • Andre Calazans Matos de Souza | Project: Rock physics assessment for linking mineralisation processes to elastic responses.
  • Matthieu P. P. Cauchefert | Project: Analysis of dielectric and elastic signatures of organic matter in artificial and natural shale samples.
  • Julia Correa | Project: Distributed acoustic sensing for seismic Imaging and reservoir monitoring applied to CO2  geosequestration (Thesis submitted 2018).
  • Alexander Costall | Project: Electromagnetic characterisation of regional-scale aquifers, Perth, Western Australia.
  • Anton Egorov | Project: Full waveform inversion of time-lapse VSP data (Thesis submitted 2018).
  • Jiabin Liang | Project: Towards a better understanding of relationships between seismic and petrophysical properties.
  • Felix Menu | Project: Ore-body delineation using borehole seismic techniques for hard-rock exploration.
  • Nazanin Nourifard | Project: Experimental study of stress induced anisotropy and fluid effect in reservoir rocks.
  • Mohammad Hadi Nourollah | Project: Sealing potential of shale sequences through seismic anisotropy analysis.
  • Michel Nzikou Mamboukou | Project: Forward modelling and inversion of ultrasonic wave propagation through a homogeneous and porous rock.
  • Amir Noorbakhsh | Project: Well field efficiency for aquifer replenishment.
  • Nazanin Nourifard | Project:  Experimental study of stress induced anisotropy and fluid effect in reservoir rocks.
  • Evans Okan | Project: Feasibility of using regional seismic reflections surveys to discover iron oxide copper gold (IOCG) deposits in the Gawler Craton, South Australia.
  • Snezna Petrovic | Project: Elemental analysis via prompt gamma neutron activation for diamond drilling.
  • Anastasia Pirogova | Project: Estimation of attenuation from borehole seismic data using constrained full-wave form inversion.
  • Dmitry Popik | Project: Advanced analysis of time-lapse seismic data for CO2 geosequestration monitoring.
  • Sofya Popik | Project: Integration of borehole and surface seismic monitoring techniques in CO2 geosequestration projects.
  • Miodrag Pravdic |  Project: Versatile intelligent sensors for seismic data collection .
  • Zixing Qin | Project: The utilisation of drill-bit seismic source in cross-hole survey for hard-rock mineral exploration.
  • Haroon Rasheed | Project: Better characterisation of gold bearing structures using broad band seismic methodologies.
  • Seda Rouxel | Project: A framework toward integrated quantitative Earth models.
  • Bibirabea Sedaghat | Project: The effect of large scale geo-electrical structures on inversion of magnetotelluric data.
  • Sergey Shevchenko | Project: Seismic rock characterisation in an onshore environment with complex geology and sparse seismic data: South West CO2 geosequestration hub case study.
  • Evgenii Sidenko | Project: Adaptation of broadband vibroseis acquisition technique for hard-rock minerals exploration.
  • Yongyang Sun | Project: Effects of solid pore infill on elastic properties of rocks and its application to heavy oil field exploration.
  • Bryce Teo | Project: Time-lapse electromagnetic and seismo-electromagnetic sensing in the subsurface.
  • Rebecca Tung | Project: Applications of a computational fluid dynamics simulator for multiphysics coupling in thermally driven geological systems (Thesis submitted 2018).
  • Alexey Yurikov | Project: Experimental and theoretical study of effects of saturation and temperature variations on the physical properties of shales.
  • Sasha Ziramov | Project: Pre-Stack Depth Imaging in hard-rock Environments.
MPhil Research Students
  • Mohammed Aldakheel | Project: Channel characterisation using seismic forward modeling.
  • Lorraine Anne Crockford | Project: Geotechnical hardness characterisation for the purpose of blasting and surface miner liberation.
  • Ashley Grant | Project: High-resolution seismic and electromagnetic imaging of shallow complex geological environments.
  • Nurmaliah Nurmaliah | Project: Geological and tectonic mapping using airborne magnetic, radiometric and gravity survey data in the Mapenduma Block of Papua Province, Indonesia.
  • Sergey Tcherkashnev | Project: Improvement of borehole seismic data quality control and assessment by statistical approaches.
  • Sana Zulic | Project: Advanced borehole seismic imaging Techniques.