Seminar: Seismic Monitoring Systems for critical structures

Dr. Cvetan Sinadinovski

Title: Seismic Monitoring Systems for critical structures

Held: Monday 19 November 2018, 11AM–12PM


An innovative Seismic Monitoring System for critical structures (high-rise building, bridges, dams, hospitals) in civil engineering and Oi and Gas industry will be presented. The system uses Earthquake Business Continuity technology as a platform designed to provide the tools and information needed in near-real time to measure the impact and manage emergency response for potentially destructive events. The process aims at preserving assets and protecting access to Services for maximum public safety before, during and after an earthquake.

 BIO: Dr. Cvetan Sinadinovski has more than 25 years of professional experience in Geophysics in Australia and internationally.  He has worked as a researcher in Geoscience Australia and the Australian National University in Canberra. During the last decade, Cvetan was a Geophysical specialist in the Advance Research Centres of the oil and gas industries in the Middle East. Currently, he has a role of a science advisor for universities and academic institutions.