Recent Geophysics Specialist software licence renewals for 2019/2020

The following software licences have recently been renewed for the 2019/20 period. These software applications are used extensively in both research and teaching areas within Exploration Geophyisics as well as other areas in Curtin Univeristy.

Donation, Grant and Education licenced software: DownUnder GeoSolutions “Insight” donation; Hampson Russell Software “HRS” donation; IHS “Kingdom” and “Harmony Enterprise” donation; Ikon Science “RokDoc” and “JiFi” donation; Schlumberger Western Geco “Vista” and “Omni” donation; Comsol “Multiphysics” education; Tensor “Modelvision” education; WASY “FEFlow” education; ALT “WellCAD” education.

Many thanks to all of our software vendors who continue to encourage and support the use of their specialised software packages within our Discipline.