PhD Student Arrivals

Welcome to PhD student, Ms. Pilar Di Martino

Pilar is a PhD Student from the Aberdeen-Curtin Alliance. This collaborative programme requires her to spend years 1 and 3 in the home institution (University of Aberdeen), and year 2 in the host Institution (Curtin University). Her year at Curtin will be supervised by Dr Stephanie Vialle and Prof Andrew Putnis. Her research will involve working on rock-physics to field characterisation of seismic attenuation from scattered wavefield. The aim is to explore the connection between seismic and rock properties and lay down the use of these parameters to develop new imaging techniques of heterogeneous sequences at field scale. She has a BSc in Geophysical Engineering (2013) from Universidad Simon Bolivar (Venezuela), where her thesis was on Analysis and interpretation of microseismic data—Pilot CO2  Storage (CCS) in the field of Rousse, France. She also holds a MSc in Geophysics (2017) from the University of Aberdeen (UK) where her project was on Analysis of azimuthal inverted volumes for fracture characterisation in Machar Field.

Pilar has experience working as a ‘Well Placement Engineer’ for Schlumberger for 2.5 years. The scope of the job was to optimise the position of horizontal wells into the reservoir using and analysing the geology of the field and the petrophysical measurements obtained while drilling. She also completed a short internship programs with TOTAL working on analysis and treatment of microseismic data, and with DUG performing seismic processing.

Pilar’s provisional thesis title is “Unconventional reservoir imaging and geological interpretation in porous, heterogeneous environment via integrated seismic, petrophysical and mineralogical techniques” and her interim Supervisor is Dr. Stephanie Vialle.

Welcome to PhD student, Mr. Roman Isaenkov

Roman graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University with a Masters degree in 2016. From 2014 he started work as a Junior Geophysicist in the Center of Seismic Data Analysis. His work was focused on processing very-high-resolution marine seismic data (conventional and deep-towed). He participated in a few marine expeditions in Barents, Kara, Laptev and Okhotsk seas as a Data Processing and Quality Analysis Specialist. His team developed a 3D marine very-high-resolution system for seismic exploration with the first experiment conducted in 2017.

In 2018, he had an internship at CSIRO, where he studied which parameters of CO2-saturated reservoir may be estimated from time-lapse seismic response using bunch of 1D-models generated in stochastic way.

Roman’s provisional thesis title is “Development of a semi-automated workflow for permanent seismic monitoring data analysis/integration based on statistical learning algorithms” and his interim Supervisor is Dr. Konstantin Tertyshnikov.