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Latest CRGC-related announcements


Congratulations to our new Doctoral Graduates:

Dr. Mohammad Hadi Nourollah, supervised by A/Prof. Milovan Urosevic, was conferred on 5th of April 2019. Hadi’s thesis explores Sealing Potential of Shale Sequences Through Seismic Anistropy Analysis

Dr. Alexey Yurikov, supervised by Prof. Maxim Lebedev was conferred on 7th of June 2019. Alexey’s thesis explores Experimental and theoretical study of effects of varying hydration on elastic properties and microstructure of shales and sandstones

Dr. Julia Correa, supervised by Prof. Roman Pevzner, was conferred on 7th of June 2019. Julia’s thesis was titled Distributed Acoustic Sensing for Seismic Imaging and Reservoir Monitoring Applied to CO2 Geosequestration

Dr. Felix Menu, supervised by A/Prof. Milovan Urosevic received conferral on 5th of July 2019. His thesis title is Ore-Body Delineation Using Borehole Seismic Techniques for Hard Rock Exploration

Dr. Zubair Ahmed, supervised by Prof. Maxim Lebedev, was conferred 5th of July 2019. Zubair’s thesis explores Rock Characterization using Physical Methods on Powders

Dr. Dmitry Popik, supervised by Prof. Roman Pevzner was conferred 5th of July 2019. Dmitry’s thesis explores Advanced Analysis of Time-Lapse Seismic Data for CO2 Geosequestration Monitoring

Dr. Rebecca Tung, supervised by Dr. Andrew Squelch, was conferred on 2nd August 2019. Rebecca’s thesis is titled On the Onset of Hydrothermal Convection in Porous Media in the Presence of Creeping Faults: Numerical Stability Analysis and Geological Applications

Dr. Michel Nzikou Mamboukou, supervised by Prof. Boris Gurevich, was conferred on 2 August 2019. Michel’s thesis explores Forward Modelling and Inversion of the Ultrasonic Wave Propagation Through a Homogeneous and Porous Rock

Dr. Pouya Ahmadi, supervised by A/Prof. Milovan Urosevic, was conferred on 2 August 2019. Pouya’s thesis explores Feasibility of Multicomponent Seismic for Mineral Exploration

CRGC congratulates all our doctoral graduates, their supervisors and panel members on this milestone achievement!

Student Awards

CRGC joint PhD student, Mr. Anton Egorov was awarded the 2019 Louis Cagniard Award for his poster, A feasibility study of time-lapse FWI on DAS VSP data acquired with permanent sources at EAGE 2019. The Louis Cagniard Award recognises the best poster presentation at the annual European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) Conference and Exhibition.

CRGC extends a huge congratulations to Anton Egorov and his co-authors Prof Andrej Bona, Prof Roman Pevzner, Dr Stanislav Glubokovskikh and Dr Vladimir Puzyrev on this achievement!

(L-R) Michael Pöppelreiter, EAGE President 2019; Anton Egorov, PhD Student, Exploration Geophysics, Western Australian School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering; and Jean-Jacques Biteau, EAGE President 2018.

PhD student, Mrs. Snezana Petrovic, was awarded a Research Foundation Grant of $16,000 from the ASEG Research Foundation for her project Elemental Analysis Via Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation for Diamond Drilling. Project selection is made by a sub-committee of specialists on the basis of the project’s quality, relevance to either mineral or petroleum exploration and potential to impact on exploration technology or know-how.


2019 CRGC Annual General Meeting

A Notice for our Industry Partners

We are pleased to announce that the dates for the 2019 Annual CRGC Meeting have now been confirmed.

This year the meeting will be held on Rottnest Island on the 28th–29th of November 2019.

Further details relating to the Annual meeting will be released in due course.